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May 2010
In April/May 2010 I was part of a group of nine individuals who used Jagat Lama to coordinate our trek to Kala Pattar and Everest Base Camp. From taking care of obtaining our TIMS cards on the first day all the way through to seeing us off to the airport in Kathmandu when our trip was finished, Jagat took care of everything. Trust me when I say that there are a lot of details that need tending to in between the two above events.

Jagat and his crew exceeded all expectations and made our trip stress free. This fact allows one to concentrate of the arduous task of getting to Base Camp while trusting Jagat and his crew to care of the daily details such as obtaining food and shelter. I highly recommend that you do as I did and have Jagat and his crew work with you to meet your Nepali dreams of trekking in the Himalaya.

Tom Tracey
Rose Valley, WA

I am 66 years old and have done a lot of hiking in the USA as well as climbing Mt. Fuji, Orizaba and Iztaacchuatl volcanoes in Mexico. We have hiked to the bottom and back of the Grand Canyon at least 25 times on most of the various trails to the bottom. For me the crowning trek was to hike in the Himalayan range. We contacted Jagat Lama in Kathmandu, Nepal and signed up for our adventure to hike for two weeks with porters and guides. Our group of friends included three men and three women aged from 60 to 75. I'm sure this would be a daunting task for Jagat and his guides. We all hiked from Lukla to Namche which was Bill's goal (he's the 75 year old). One of the guides stayed with Bill, and we continued with the two outstanding guides, Chet and Chandra. These two guides did everything for us; got all of our bags from the porters and put in our rooms, took our menu selections to the cooks, and discussed the plans for the following day. The guides made allowances for some who were having some altitude adjustment issues and gave positive feedback to everyone. They were very patient with all of us and really tried hard to ensure we stayed healthy and happy. I can honestly say that these were two of the best guides weíve ever had. On our hikes the guides had to work around some of us who liked to take pictures but needed to do some additional acclimation at higher altitude. As a result three of us were able to hike all the way to Mt. Everest base camp. It was like a moonscape. We met the Korean team that was going to climb Everest as soon as the weather looked better. The base camp is awesome with tents all over the place with prayer flags, and ice towers and rocks everywhere.

At 5:00am we were going to climb Kalapathar (5545m.) When we went out it was snowing and foggy. The weather in the valley is usually clear in the morning, foggy in the afternoon, and big clouds in later afternoon. Chandra said we should start for Kalapathar as he felt it would clear up - and sure enough the snow stopped and the sun came out. We made it to the summit in snow and ice. From this mountain we took fantastic views of Mt. Everest and Lotse. We saw an avalanche, and heard the cracking sounds coming from the Khumba glacier. The valley we hiked was very interesting. It surpassed my expectations. I had no idea how many memorials there would be erected for the Everest climbers. It's a sight to see. There were many stupas and monasteries. There are many rock faces that have a Buddha painted or adorned with prayer flags and the rows of prayer wheels to spin. The landscape goes from lush vegetation, to flower trees, to pine trees and then the tree line to tundra and almost a moonscape. The children were fun to play with and photograph.

As we headed down the valley to Lukla, my wife became sick and we saw that she couldn't hike all the way down. Our great guides arranged for a horse for her to ride so we wouldn't miss our plane. At Lukla I took my wife to a new, wonderful hospital where she was treated and given medicine. When we reached Kathmandu, there was a strike by the Maoist Communist Party that closed all of the businesses. Jagat again came to our rescue by getting a van and getting us to the airport. He, Chet and Chandra babysat us to make sure we got through the security hassle and on to the right plane. I can't imagine anyone doing anything more or better that Jagat, Chet and Chandra could have done to make this a wonderful experience that exceeded our expectations. I recommend his services to you of you're planning to go anywhere in Nepal or Tibet. It was my dream trip come true.

Bob Hacken



Catherine L. Bordner




October 2009

I recently had the great pleasure of climbing Island Peak in the Khumbu, Nepal. Jagat Lama was a passionate and dependable resource for trekking and mountaineering in Nepal. He was on the spot as far as preparation for the trip. This was my third trip to Nepal and most enjoyable. Hiring a light and indepedent team allowed for a cost effective, flexible and efficient way to climb in Nepal. His assistance was with me from the airport arrival through to departure. He took care of my every need and allowed me to focus on my goal of the summit of Island Peak.† My climbing guide, his brother Lal, was competent, caring and successful. I left Nepal with new friendships.

I readily endorse his services and would encourage anybody to go with the Independent Trekking Guides. They are honest, caring and willing to make your holiday the most memorable you have ever had.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my experiences in Nepal.

Mark Lui
email: houseoflui@comcast.net

August 2009

Jagat's group had given us an amazing experience in Nepal. Being our first time and with no trekking experience, we were very blessed to have met Jagat who arranged Chetan and Gopi with us for a short trek to Poon Hill.

Of course, our visit to Nepal was during the off-peak season, but despite that, it did not stop us from having a wonderful time on the trek. The most important thing in our trek was the relationships we built with everyone in the group. We also picked up 2 more trekkers with another guide who decided to go together. We believe that a successful trekking trip is not just about the views and sights, but the people who make it happen which is the most integral part. This short trip will be imprinted in our hearts and minds forever.

We really would like to give our kudos to Jagat Lama for arranging a wonderful guide like Chetan to be with us. We will definitely come again to Nepal for Kala Patthar!

Love from Malaysia,
Hsing Ling, Nadia, Eunice, and Gillian

December 2008

Last December 2008 we went to Nepal for the Jomsom trek. After surfing the net for a guide, I found Independent Trekking Guide. At first it was a cooperative (which sounds good) and the web page was correct. Then I got in touch with some former customer and all the references were superb. After a few mails with Jagat, we decided to try with him once in Nepal (btw, he never asked for any cash advanced, pre-registration, deposit...).

And the decision was right as everything in the trek was excellent!. Lucky for us our guide was Kanchha (Jagat's young brother) and our porter was Deepesh (Jagat's nephew) as they did all the possible (and sometimes even the impossible) to make our trip easy; and I can assure in some parts of the trek you really need so!.

Kanchha and Deepesh not only did their job right but also became good friends as they had a pleasant and happy conversation while instructive on the places and people during the trek.
Lodges and food chosen by them was possible the best-in-town, given it was low season. Even more when we requested any change there were no complaints on them.

When finished Jagat, free of charge, arranged for us a nice lodge in Chitwan and referenced to a good friend of him for the activities. And Kanchha was so nice to come with us to the airport to help with checking and controls.

Without doubts, Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative is a highly recommended agency and Jagat, Kanchha and Deepesh are very nice people and good friends of us now.

Ignacio & Marisa
Madrid, Spain
For any reference write me Email: stinger108@gmail.com

January 2007
After searching looking around the web, I contacted Jagat Lama to find out more about the EBC trek. I found some great reviews for Jagat Lama and contacted one of his previous clients as well.

Jagat was great - he sent me a preset itinerary for the trek and told me that we could customize it to whatever I wanted to do. Since it was my first time to Nepal, I went with what Jagat had suggested. I had 22 days total in Nepal and I was planning on doing a 19 day trek to EBC/Kala Patthar and then to Goyko.

In addition to guiding himself, Jagat also works with several other licensed guides as a part of his overall team. Jagat had set me up with one of his other guides - Som Tamang. Som and I met for the first time in Kathmandu and we hit it off immediately. We took the standard route - flew to Lukla and headed up from there. Since it was just Som and I, we were able to head at our own pace and had lots of opportunities to hang out with the local community. Som knows just about everyone on the trail from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and his connections helped us get good places to stay along the way.

The trek up was much harder than I thought, but with Som's help I eventually made it. I think Som's pack weighed twice as much as mine! And half of his pack was my stuff!! Anyways we did make it! I was extremely happy we did - I had my doubts on the way up, but Som was great - always positive and very patient.

Clockwise from top left: Som and Brian on Kala Patthar, Jagat Lama lighting a butter lamp for good luck on the trek, View Ama Dablam, View Above Namche
Brian from USA

October 2006
Tracy & Brad from Canada. Please visit site: http://www3.telus.net/JamesandTracy/trip.html

In April of this year my two friends and I had planed a trek to EBC. But when we got to Namche Bazaar we found out there had been a lot of snow in the Khumbu valley. Rather than accept the delays, danger, and difficulties caused by the snow we went to Annapurna. What a great decision. Our guide was Jagat Lama. He was very well known in the Annapurna region. Everywhere we went the locals would call out, "Jagat, Jagat will we sing tonight?" In addition to being a sensational guide, he is also a well known singer of traditional Nepali songs. In the evenings the people of the village would turn out to sing and dance and Jagat would lead the singing for the men. We had such a great experience with the people of the Annapurna region. The singing and dancing and laughing made the trip so much more memorable. The other trekkers we met would say, "You are so lucky to be with Jagat, everyone loves him." Jagat was a great guide and a wonderful companion.
Randy Baker; Longmont, CO, USA

January 2006
I envy you and our friends to be able to journey to Nepal and escape reality.
I enjoyed every moment of my trip with Jagat. My friend and I traveled to Nepal last August for 3.5 weeks. We did it as apart of a volunteer trip with Volunteers For Peace. The last 8 days we were with Jagat trekking around the Annapurna area. While in the VFP work camp, we met 3 French girls who knew Jagat from a previous experience. Jagat worked very hard to get us permits on quick notice and met us at our work camp and talked us through the trek. He was very professional and open. Also, he is a very personable and happy person!!! I can't say enough good things about him. He has had a lot of experience trekking in Nepal and knows the lay of land. I would definitely do another trip with him! In fact, I hope to go back to climb the Everest region.

On a personal note, I really like when guides interact with their clients. I like to meet new people and find out about their culture and lifestyle. If you are merely going to just climb, it probably doesn't matter what guide you choose. As for our trip details, we went in August -- the height of rainy season. Therefore, we didn't have a lot of winter gear or porters. So, I do not know the details of weight, payment per lb, etc. But, I can tell you that we had very nice and basic accommodations. Jagat was well prepared and knew many of the people in the towns in which we stayed. It was nice because we were able to talk, sing and hang with locals in the villages.
Amy Wessner

Mr Jagat Lama: perfect service!
In Dec 2005, I went with Mr Jagat Lama's trekking guide and porter on the ABC trek. I first emailed Mr Lama with my concerns about safety and price--I am , after all, a single female trekker and the last thing I would want is a drunk porter or guide who takes advantage of the situation...Furthermore, as a young graduate, I would hardly have much money to fling about, despite Nepal's cheap prices…

From the word 'go', the whole process of the trip could not have taken place more smoothly! I never felt harassed by emails from him: he was business-like, yet very warm , provided me a very reasonable price, I felt, for the level of service...he met me at the airport, and helped me to change my flight back earlier even though my travel agent at home called me to say they would not be able to change my flight for me, and brought me to rent quality warm clothing (as opposed to renting for me at inflated prices, something I have heard common with other agencies). I was initially sceptical when he guaranteed that his guide (a second cousin of his) and his porter would never take unwonted liberties or take to drink during the trek because, after all, talk is cheap...I was pleasantly surprised however, on the trek when his guide (Man Bir) and porter (Chet) always respected my person...But if you think that the trek was boring, far from it! It was usually filled with laughter as they showed a profound sense of Nepali humour. They were always solicitous for my welfare, especially when I showed slight symptoms of AMS on the trek, ensured that I was properly clothed and insisted that I wear my warm clothing when I was too lazy to pull on my hat… their acts of kindness ensured that I had a perfect trek, complete with beautiful memories of Nepal's wonderful landscape...

And now to the dreaded question...the Maoists...I was fortunate in that I didn't run into any of them but yes, there are security checkpoints and increased police presence. But these are not targeted at you, they are targeted at the local population

Despite the increased presence of the Maoists, there should be no anxiety on the part on the traveller… which country can you travel safe in the knowledge that you are welcome by the rebels? And which country can you go to have a good time and yet know that your money is not going to a faceless organisation but to real people who are trying to earn an honest living?
Go Nepal. It's worth it.

Junee Chua, Singapore
u can email me for a reference on Jagat: Juneechua@Hotmail.com

Finding a Professional Guide in Nepal is very easy...but finding the right guide that fits your needs and truly works hard to ensure that your experience in Nepal is safe, memorable and very personable is not always easy, therefore....I must recommend Jagat Lama. I could say many things to try to convince you about Jagat's abilities and professionalism....for instance...he is a Professional Certified Guide that speaks, writes and understands English extremely well. He is a Guide that hires Porters and friends and treats them like family or better. He cares deeply about his country and has an extensive network of professionals willing to assist him and his extremely well-organized treks and other tours.

He is an Independent Guide that works hard to provide a living for himself, his family, the porters he hires and the many kind village people that make his trips possible. His prices are very competitive and include so much more than simply hiring a guide off the street...
But most importantly, Jagat is the kindest, most honest, caring and pleasant man I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I was trekking with my son and 3 other friends up to Annapurnca Sanctuary in April when the country was in political turmoil. Our group was 5 Canadians - 3 men and two ladies. My son hurt his knee halfway up and Jagat's experience and respect with local village people allowed my son to stay in a small village while we carried on. He arranged a pony to help transport my son down lower, when all transportation was stopped due to the April strike, he arranged a private driver who got us to Pokhara.

I could go on about all the other little things he did ...like serving us popcorn and other treats, making sure our meals were prepared so well, finding the best guesthouses, arranging cultural musical evenings with local Gurung villagers, etc, etc., etc.

I now have Bhuddhist flags flying high in my trees at home and each day they remind me of Jagat and his porter/guide friends...Gopi, Ramesh, Pema and Ghen and all the other kind, gentle Nepali friends we met along the way.

If you want to explore the mountains, the national parks of Chitwan and other areas, please choose your guide carefully. Jagat can arrange a variety of experiences and adventures besides trekking.
While trekking, I did talk to other people along the trail about their guide and how it was going...two groups mentioned a few difficulties with the guide. I feel so lucky to have found Jagat.....so I must provide his website so you can learn more about him.

Namaste and enjoy your trek to Nepal....I felt completely safe the whole time I was there with my son and other friends....don't hesitate to go.

Glenn Rogers, Canada

November 2005
Namaste Jagat, very successful trek!!
Well, what a wonderful trek we had. Your country is absolutely beautiful and the diversity is amazing. From the forests and rivers to the tips of the snow capped mountains, we loved it all. Most impressive of all were the people. Here too was great diversity with the gurung, tibetans, monks, lamas, different faces, different dress and different cultures. Of all the people, the ones that stole our hearts were the boys...Manbir, Ramesh and Pema. Their dedication to their responsibilities was of the highest standard, they remained professional for the whole trek whilst becoming truelly good friends. When our memories fade and we forget the forests, rivers and mountains, we will not forget the boys. They will always remain our respected friends. We look forward to catching up with you in Kathmandu.
Your respected friends
Mike and Vicki Luke Australia

August 2005
My wife and I spent March this year trekking the various Annapurna routes, it was straight after the Coup when all was very tense and extremely quiet on the trails.

My wife and I decided to take a guide, just in case we needed to get out of a sticky situation. The mountains are amazing, but they always throw up surprises, and experience takes over. It turned out the Moaist group we met (and travelled with for 3 days) couldn't/wouldn't speak English, and our Nepalese wasn't the best when dealing with the local dialect.

Our guide Jagat Lama was just fantastic, very calm, sensible, and dealt with whatever cropped up. He showed us the true heart of Nepal and seemed to know just about everyone in the mountains, including the village leaders. As a musician he was the born entertainer, and where ever we went the locals would come out and greet us because they knew how much of an entertainer Jagat was.

We didn't know this about him when we contacted him, and never thought we would spend our time in the mountains with such a great man. Nepalese folk music at its best, and wow, the locals love to dance and sing! As soon as the music starts they let their guard down, the smiles you thought were beaming before, just get bigger, and bigger. Generosity like no other.
Are we going again? Yes, tomorrow if we could. Enjoy your trip, it's unforgettable!
Lenny, UK
contact via http://www.findareflexologist.com
for a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=110oMHYLRSs

Je repars moi même pour le népal en décembre pour un petit moi.
je prends une guide indépendant.
Je te le recommande il est super.
si tu as besoin de conseils n'hésite pas!!!

Jean-Edouard STOCQ

May 2005
I don't have much more to add to Antje & Brett's emails except that I had a wonderfull time in the Annapurnas with Jagat even though I may be one of the worst hikers he ever had to accompany. I thank him to have felt completely secure in every situation and, due to his broad knowledge on Nepali culture and society, our group learnt a lot of things from him.
Something I may add to prior emails: beyond his trekking activities, Jagat is a very good singer (of course, you have to love Nepali songs...). More important, I got to learn him through his  caring activities of homeless child workers in Kathmandu. This last few points definitely make Jagat being the most attaching (though professional) trekking guide you might find in Nepal.
Best regards from rainy Brussels,
Romeo Matsas

Why use business leading company, where does the profit go? My wife and I have just returned from a 10 day trek in the Annapurna region, second time, with an independent guide, Jagat Lama (see below). Jagat and his porters, one his brother and the other a long time friend, made our trip a memorable one and we are planning another trip in 2006. Jagat can organize everything and nothing is too much trouble, we have no hesitation in recommending him.
If you want please contact for more information about Jagat Lama.
Name: Ron & Judi Bourton
LA Grand-mere plenee-jugan,

October 2004

We used Jagat Lama for a two week trek in the Annapurna Sanctuary region in October 2004. We established a straight forward agreement with him at the outset, on what was and was not included in the trek fees. We were very pleased with the professional service he provided and the integrity with which he honored his agreements.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery in the sanctuary, it was an enjoyable cultural experience getting to know Jagat, his porters, and the people he knew in each village. He was genuinely committed to ensure we had a safe and enjoyable trek. He took extra care to ensure the quality, timeliness, and hygiene of our meals on trek.

We were particularly pleased with his philosophy on porters, which was one of non-exploitation of the porters. Specifically he had his porters carrying reasonable loads of 20-25 kg. There are many guides and agencies that do not share his philosophy, and will require porters to carry crippling loads in the 40 to 70 kg range. Jagat is also supporting local village people based on the teahouses that he selects, rather than teahouses that are owned by non-locals. We felt he is truly trying to improve the lives of his porters and local villagers, and this is a responsibility that he takes seriously.

Jagat has good basic English, but was also very helpful in teaching us some rudimentary Nepali. We would recommend Jagat to anyone considering a trek in the Everest, Annapurna, Lanthang, or Mustang regions.

If you would like to know more, please contact us via e-mail.


Scot and Katy Buell, Coleville, CA, USA

May 2004

I met Jagat Lama through a mutual friend while I was visiting Nepal for a short visa break from India and no specific plans for trekking. After considering my desire to see mountain village life, and my limited time span, he suggested the comfortable entry-level Ghorepani trek in the Anapurna region. Together we arranged the logistics, such as bus tickets, trekking license etc. At every step he showed me the tricks of the trade, and made sure that I paid fair prices for everything.

During the trek itself he took the lead in his quiet, unassuming manner, observing my physical abilities and adjusting the pace accordingly, never making me feel uncomfortable for my slow ascents on steep climbs. Instead, he encouraged me to find my groove and stick to it, so that even the hardest hikes were a joy.

His itinerary was perfect...a good balance of walking and rest stops, and he chose lovely places for the night halts, never the sleekest ones, but inexpensive places with lots of charm and hospitality. It was very cold during this pre-season, and every night we found ourselves sitting by the kitchen fire, chatting with the proprietresses and eating delicious Dal Bhats. Once we encountered a festival in a Gurung village along the way and decided to stay, adjusting our plans accordingly to enjoy an afternoon of singing and dancing.

I enjoyed my experience so much that I returned in March for the 3-week Annapurna Round. This time Jagat took a different approach and presented me with a whole package, taking care of all logistics himself, including hiring a suitable porter. Again, the whole trip was an unforgettable experience. By now the tourists season was in full swing, and we encountered many more trekkers and their staff along our way. However, Jagat never parked me in the "tourist ghetto", but instead the three of us shared our meals in the kitchens and had loads of fun! So much, that a week after our return to Kathmandu we set off again to the Everest region for ten days. His itineraries were perfectly suited to my interests, rhythm, and ability.

Jagat is everything I could have wished for in a guide. He is professional, respectful, courteous, kind, and knowledgeable, has a subtle sense of humor and is a great travel companion. We had wonderful conversations along the way, as well as long stretches of comfortable silence. His second profession as a folk singer is an added bonus because on many occasions he lent his voice to an entertaining evening by the fire. He taught me many Nepali words and phrases and gave me a great introduction to the various cultures we encountered along the way. His prices are very reasonable, and throughout our various journeys he was very conscious of my budget limitations. I am already planning my next treks with him.

Antje Kharchi, Arlington, VA, USA

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